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5 Essentials to Elevate Your Home Office

Working from home has become the “new normal” and people are starting to invest in their own “little office” at home. Even though some of you might have gone back to the office, most of us are still working from home.

We understand how a comfortable setting will help boost productivity and mood when working from home. So here at GRAYE, we have curated some '' Work from Home Essentials'' to share with you. These are the essentials that the GRAYE team uses daily and it absolutely helps us to be at our best! We hope you will find it useful too.


Disclaimer: Graye is not affiliated or sponsored by any of the products and/or brands featured in this blogpost and this content is merely about suggesting enhancements of home experience. Also for the home privacy of the members of our team, some photos are taken in the studio. Safety precautions were observed in the making of this.


1. Ambient Light


First in the list, ambient lights. Lights and colors have been proven to biologically and psychologically affect our mood, health, and well being. Having ambient light will help set the tone in your workspace whether it be chandeliers, tracking lights, wall or ceiling-mounted fixtures. You might be asking “but we already have a light in our ceiling?”. In that case, picking the right one with the right intensity and warmth is the next thing to figure out.


2. Aroma Diffuser / Essence


Another great way to set the mood is through environmental scent. Scents affect people’s mood, behaviour, and work performance. Not only it smells good but scents have strong neurological connections that trigger emotions. According to Scientific American’s article, scent affects us because of our association with certain memories/occasion to it. So if you use the similar lemongrass essential oil from your company’s office, you might internalize that you’re actually working at the office.


3. Speakers


Yes, you have your own earphones or headphones but speakers won't tire your ears for longer periods of usage and it still provides an environmental experience. No matter what genre that you’re listening to, Music gets us grooving and moving and it definitely helps us get into rhythm which leads to better workflow.

Also! Graye has curated a new series on IGTV called “Tunes with GRAYE” and it is a curation of lo-fi and chill beats that’ll accompany you for your cozy day. You can check it here.


4. Drinkware


Whether you’re a coffee or tea person, Acquiring high quality drinkware is worth an investment. Not only you will be drinking from the same cup for years but it will also be a great compliment for your work desk or room. Picking a cup that suits your set-up will visually compliment the surrounding and that relaxes our eyes. 

On a side note, We also shared some tricks that you can do at home to enhance your coffee experience. You may view it here.

5. GRAYE Shirt


Last but not the least, tapping into our sense of “feeling” through the clothes that we wear is essential. Wearing a comfortable soft cotton shirt can complete and create the ultimate experience of working from home. Not only is it comfortable but an elegant white shirt can be your new “uniform” at home because you don’t have to worry about looking unprepared in your zoom meetings. (Just don’t forget to comb your hair)

It may not be a shirt from GRAYE, but our team continuously takes the time and effort to research, explore and develop our designs. In line with this, New designs are coming your way! Soft drapey Tees, casual shirts with unique detailing and casual cotton pants that allows you to transit from work to leisure seamlessly. Meanwhile, we still have some stocks of tops available, you can get them here.



All these essentials toggle human’s senses such as smell, sight, hearing, and feeling. With the help of these, our productivity & “work from home” experience could improve and it could inspire us to be at our best for work. These may be “little things” but it will definitely make huge improvements in our overall workflow at home.

If there’s more that we have missed, feel free to share your thoughts with us and comment it down below!

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