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Mad About Bucket Hats

As we continue with the idea of the considered workwear series, we dive into the functionality of the artefact line to meet the needs of your everyday life. Presenting a new series of bucket hats to combat the unpredictable rains and sweltering heat of a tropical climate.

From utility to fashion statement. The bucket hat has come a long way from its practical fisherman and military origins, then becoming a cultural staple of the mods in the 60s and the hip hop scene in the 90s to the trend it is today. What fascinated us the most about the bucket hat was the effectiveness. The wide brim served as protection from the rain and sun, and the flexibility of the design allowed it to be easily stored and taken out for usage.

Our summer linen bucket hat is made out of a linen cotton blend that provides comfort being breathable, soft and supple. Coming in two different silhouettes. The adjustable strap ensures a better fit and the small bands allows an element of customisation by adding one of our multi purpose paracord straps. 


With our brand ideology in mind we push to redefine the way we interact and view the everyday ordinary with a transformative approach. Elevating the utility of a bucket hat by making it transformable into a pouch. The elastic drawstring not only serves as a way to carry the hat but also helps with visibility in the dark with it being reflective. 


The bucket hats can be easily styled with a muscle top and shorts for the beach dates and morning hikes with the family. Or even dress it up by layering the lightweight utility jacket over a top and pair it with the balloon jogger for an effortless day out look.

The bucket hats come in various colourways and can be found under the artefact tab of the shop page.

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