Posted on August 11 2018

Text extracted from: Business Times Weekend written by Lena Kamarudin


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This relatively new brand conceived in 2016 by Xie Qian Qian is a ready-to-wear men's clothing label incorporates sustainable fashion concepts into its designs. "I always think that there's a huge potential to grow a menswear brand in Singapore due to the lack of people designing casual menswear here," says Ms Xie who quit her job and self-funded her passion. Ms Xie started her career designing womenswear but later transitioned to menswear. She finds it "fascinating as it focuses more on the technical, practical and functional nature of the designed garment." And she's optimistic about the local menswear market. She adds: "I think men nowadays pay a lot attention to what's around. They have good taste and know what best suits them."

My design aesthetic... is East meets West, old meets new. I like to add a modern touch to a traditional design. Silhouette-wise, the pieces are generally loose fit or oversized, very different from typical workwear.

The buying pattern in Singapore… is safer compared to my overseas customers who are more adventurous in their choices. Perhaps due to our climate, Singaporeans would usually select T-shirts and casual bottoms.

Three essentials for the workwear wardrobe... jackets, jackets and jackets. A jacket instantly levels up any form of workwear look so start stocking up on different types and styles of jackets.


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