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Campaign -Shift

Shift- (verb) meaning to move or change from one position to another, often slightly. The idea of shift is manifested throughout the collection. 



The FW18-19 collection brings to life a version of tailored-casual wear executed with an eye for details. Pockets are shifted into the seams, collars are shifted larger, garment staples are being ‘shifted’ to create something new.




This season features traditional silhouettes like the safari jackets and cuban collar top ; utilitarian tonal trousers perfect for transiting effortlessly from work to leisure. 


The idea of 'shift', also means to change our judgement or attitude- especially society’s attitude towards gender difference. At Graye, we embrace all cultural differences and advocate gender neutral designs. This collection continues to offer unisex designs and promotes the modern zen lifestyle.


Expect luxurious tencel fabrics with a denim-like appeal and our signature linen fabric constructed in a textured weave. This collection continues to uphold the brand’s DNA and relaxed silhouettes with carefully selected lightweight fabrics especially curated for the South East Asia Market.









Photography: Joel Lim  @limxjoel

Model: Chanil Kim  @glorytojesusonly

Art direction: @grayestudio

Set design: Rebekah Ong  @beckahliiin

HMUA: Brenda Lee  @brennnnnny

Styling: Xie QianQian  @xieqianqian

Videographer: Dylon Goh  @dylongohty 

Assistant: Phoebe Zoeho  @itsphorreal

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