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Cargo Pants looks to try this Summer

Cargo utility pants have resurfaced once again but this time evolved to be fully practical yet a fashionable piece. The straight and tapered leg previously is updated with a looser fit for greater ease of wear. Smarter fabric choices elevate the newly revamped cargo pants that are well cut and refined with pocket details. The multi-pocketed design comes in various styles and colours for any occasion. Although new variations of colours are available for this style, here’s a breakdown of how to match the classic olive colour! 

1. White and neutrals

An easy go to is to pair with white or any neutral tones like greys, creams and beiges. Go for these colour combinations for a carefree and casual vibe that is ideal for every day. Whites and neutrals are also great to use as a base layer for layering. The clean look overall could be easily build up by accenting with bold coloured shoes or accessories.

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2. Black / Navy

For a serious look, opt for black or navy. The darker colour tones down the olive making it very wearable and suitable for work. A black tee and sandals will be a laid-back look while a black button shirt or blazer with leather shoes are more corporate. Perhaps a mix of both by pairing a black formal top with white sneakers. Black and navy are also great for layering. Just like the saying, “when in doubt, wear black”.

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3. Monochrome

A monochromatic olive look can be either subtle or bold. Go full monochromatic from head to toe if you’re feeling adventurous or minimally style the pants with an olive top or jacket only. If the latter, layer with black or white garments and accessories to break the matching tones. This monochrome styling is effortless to put together but will look polished overall.

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4. Chambray and Denim

The pairing of chambray or denim and olive construct a dapper look. Chambray tucked in or out with cargo pants are a cooling style for warmer days but still looking smart. Feel comfortable while running errands or going out around town. Switch it up with a denim jacket on colder days for the same style. Try the styling with oversized fit chambray or denim with sneakers for a modern take or go for a hat or beanie with boots for a full dapper look.

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5. Complimentary Colours

Feeling daring? Pair the olive cargo pants with a complimentary coloured top! Colours such as oranges, mustards, reds and mauves. If the brighter tones are too bold, substitute it with a muted tone instead or layer with white garments to break up the colour blocking. The colours could also be accented in print or stripes. Finish off by adding neutral coloured accessories and shoes if desired. Overall, this contrasting style creates a vibrant look.

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Give GRAYE's Wide Sculpted Pants a go if you're still looking for a pair of updated cargo pants. These unisex casual pants are made of 100% cotton with Chintz finish that has ultimate comfort and breathability for the hot and humid weather in Singapore. Designed to be wide-leg with long darts on the waist and hem for greater volume, the pants also feature the essential multi-utility pockets. Here we have styled it following the complimentary and white/neutral colour palettes.



Written by: Hamkah Latib
Photography by: Hamkah Latib
Models: Jaycelyn & Darren

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