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Altered Artefact

"to change in physical composition, typically in a comparatively small but significant way"

The craftsman's journey takes you along the creation process - continuous moulding and refinding to construct meaning within a tangible item.

Every artefact has its distinctive properties and personality. However, it will not feel like it belongs to us, not until it is altered to fit our values and lives. The change need not be big or obvious but ultimately reflect it's significance in ways that are often unnoticeable.


F/W 19-20 collection takes inspiration from a craftsman's perspective. A person who pays close attention to details, tailoring each component to better suit your lifestyle. Designed to enhance your wearing experience, and utilizing each component to its fullest potential - subtle yet significant. 

Transformative zippers, unique tailoring and multi-functional garments are seen throughout the collection. Classic pieces are revisited and reworked to incorporate contemporary elements, the perfect balance between this season's utilitarian approach and GRAYE's 'East meets West' design philosophy.

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