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Natural Indigo dye have been around for many centuries and it was mainly used to dye and print textiles. In recent times, natural Indigo dye is mainly used in handicrafts and businesses that curate handmade products, creating a special bond between natural resources and humans. The fascination with natural Indigo dye eventually spurred us to incorporate it into our urban everyday life, and since t-shirts are an essential for everybody it created an opportunity for us to design textiles that allowed endless possibilities to experiment on, with that here are some ideas on how you can style our Indigo tees. 

1. Casual 

For an everyday outfit, pair any of our Indigo Tee with your favourite pair of denim shorts – a fuzz-free monochromatic look for the summer time. Tuck the tee in or out, and accessorise with a bag and jewellery to finish your look. A casual and practical look for our hot and humid weather in Singapore. 

 Model wearing: Hills Indigo Tee 

If denim shorts are not your thing, try pairing any of our Indigo Tee with our Side Pleat Gurkha Shorts or any other neutral coloured bottoms – it’s a fail proof outfit for any casual event. Finish it off with an outerwear of your choice and some low-cut or high-cut sneakers for that effortless look.

Models wearing: Moon Indigo Tee 

2. Monochromatic

A quick ensemble to put together is following the same colour palette, it will look like you spent a lot of time planning an outfit but in actual fact it took 1 minute to get it all together. Furthermore, the outfit will look cohesive and polished without much effort. Pair this monochrome outfit with your favourite footwear and accessories before heading out the door.  

Female model wearing: Moon Indigo Tee

Male model wearing: Mountain Ridges Indigo Tee

Wide Leg Tonal Shorts

If you're looking to experiment within the monochromatic realm, trying playing with different textures. Starting out with blue denim jeans, an item that everyone has in their wardrobe - an easy outfit to get out the door quick. Another interesting get-up to explore is the Japanese relaxed silhouette, try pairing the tee with our Tencel Denim Slacks, along with a pair of white sneakers and a tote bag - suitable outfit for many occasions. 

Model wearing: Wave Indigo Tee


3. Smart Casual

Need something smarter? Our Moon Indigo Tee tucked into our Soft Tailored Pants in Navy will do the job, a great alternative to a basic coloured t-shirt and pants combo. The darker hue of Indigo compliments various skin tones and its suitable for work, match it with an oversized fit blazer for a more formal look. Tie it all off with a pair of dress shoes or your favourite pair of low-cut sneakers and you’re ready to head out the door.

Model wearing: Noir Linen Jacket

Alternatively, a look that is easy to pull off is a matching coloured outerwear and bottom. It is uncomplicated and looks sophisticated because it resembles a two-piece suit. For a clean cut look, opt for a pair of slim-cut trousers and a formal outerwear; tie the whole look together with dress shoes or sneakers of your preference. 

Model wearing: Hills Indigo Tee

Half Belted Trousers

All-season Button Kimono

 Another alternative option to formal outerwear is a light-weight button-up shirt, it is a perfect balance between smart and casual without sacrificing on comfort. Simply pick out either a long sleeve or short sleeve shirt to wear on top of the Indigo tee, throw on your favourite watch, bag of choice, a comfortable pair of footwear and you're good to go.

                                                Model wearing: Window Indigo Tee

Knot Button Shirt in Black

Half Belted Trousers


Our Indigo Tee is perfect for any occasions, an ideal foundation to create numerous outfit around. Furthermore, there are different designs to be chosen from, pick one that matches your personality and style away. With comfort in mind, the shirt is made of 100% cotton and designed with no side seams (Tubular Knit construction). Filled with the rich heritage of ancient Indigo dyeing, this shirt is unlike any other.


Written, styled & shot by: Iris Tay

Models: ArielMegan Tan

Nathaniel Fong


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