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Reinventing the Use of Paracords

To extend our artefact range, we discussed ideas of designing products that would aid the everyday life of our customers, and effortlessly mould into their lifestyles. It was important for us to include both our values as a brand to implement more sustainable practices and as well, construct products we feel would be valuable assets to everyone. This is where our paracord collection comes in view. Made out of recycled polyester, carefully considered designs, and specially hand-made in our studio, these accessories made from parachute cords are durable,  functional and versatile to use.

About Paracords

As a matter of fact, paracords aren’t exactly a new topic. It has been around since 1935, and was originally developed by the US military to be used for parachute suspension lines. Due to its breaking strength of 550 pounds and thin lightweight nature, it does not come as a surprise that it grew popularity over time. People have discovered that it could be used for all kinds of survival, outdoor, home and craft situations.

Our Process

And for us, we discovered that paracords are staple pieces that can be transformed and used in many different ways! With this, our team ensured that the length of each product was curated in consideration of different heights, body shapes and sizes. We accomplished this by testing out different lengths to achieve a fit that is adjustable to most, and included a stopper for you to easily alter the strap to your desired length. 

Not to mention, we took the design aspect to mind: exploring different patterns and knot tying techniques to add a utilitarian touch to the finalised products.

*We will also be providing a customisation service for you to select the colors yourself! We’ve got a wide range of colors to select from, all available only in our studio. (Coming soon!)


For this launch, we introduce to you 3 different products that each provide its individual functional purposes:

Rey Mask/Glasses Strap

Designed to connect onto your mask or your spectacles/sunglasses. Strap it on worry-free and let Rey uplift your outfit of the day!

Roki Multi-Purpose Cord

Easily pair this product with various different things: hook it onto your phone, our Kinsu cup holder, wallet, bag, the list is endless! Its multi-functionality allows room for experimentation.


Rebi Bottle Holder

Made for the purpose of carrying your bottles, however it can be easily adjusted to hold any object with a collar. As long as your object is secured in place, Rebi is a cord that allows for versatility and functionality, while throwing a little style to it!


Implementing Our Brand Values

Our paracord collection was designed to reduce plastic-waste, and was deliberately made with the aim to be reusable. Replace plastic bags with our Rebi bottle holder, constructed to hold any bottle with a collar. Or simply reuse our Roki multi-purpose cord, intentionally curated to be used with most objects, if not, everything! This collection was consciously designed to smoothly integrate into your lifestyle, and at the same time add a little jazz into your looks!


Model: Yumika Hoskin
Written by: Kezia Teng
Edited & Shot by: Hamkah Latib


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