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How often do you find yourself trying to fit your phone in a pocket but soon realize it’s too shallow (unable to fit your phone) or the pocket does not exist at all (faux-pocket), that unsatisfactory feeling – almost like you were betrayed. Despite their 'insignificant' nature, pockets are sensitive to fashion changes - revealing a multitude of social and cultural information. The modern pocket has a long history, but it was only by the late 17th century where pockets were permanently sewn into men's clothing.


“People have a lot of feelings when it comes to pockets

In short: they are great only when you have them and only when they are large enough to stuff anything you want inside of them. A phone? A pen? Car keys? All of that should be able to fit in fashion’s favourite hidden compartments.


Whether on jackets, trousers or another article of clothing, pockets are a key but often overlooked practical feature in clothing. Challenging artistic boundaries and finding a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics has always been our philosophy, be it turning the pocket inside out or stacking them on top of each other – we make sure that each pocket has its unique purpose.

Inverse Pocket Top

The inverse pocket top is designed with the modern generation in mind, maximising storage space while looking neat and sleek. Instead of resorting to a regular patch-on, this pocket is emphasized and fashioned into a design detail. The large inverted chest pocket adds an extra dimension to the overall design, creating a seamless design feature that is functional for everyday life.



Traveller's Overshirt

Traveller's overshirt keeps a pen on you, making it easily accessible for signing forms, sketching and making payments. Besides, it is important to keep your daily utilities close to you, especially for those who are not desk-bound. And if a pen is not a necessity to you, the 3D chest pocket can also store things from mints to lighters.

Furthermore, the Traveller's Overshirt has two large pockets sewn on the front hemline to provide multiple storage options. Engaging with the way you wear the top, it is also comfortable to place your hands in the pocket for an extended time – when you don’t know what to do with your hands. Although pockets on the bottom front are uncommon for tops in menswear, we received lots of positive feedback from customers saying that it is a surprisingly useful compartment that they never thought they needed. Another top that features our bottom front pockets is the Raglan Sleeve Button top

Side Pleat Gurkha Shorts

The most common side pockets on trousers are slant pockets. As the name suggests, these are cut on an angle, enabling the wearer to slide his hands into them easily. However, Graye is more enticed in designing something beyond the ordinary – perfect for aficionados of men’s style. The pockets for these shorts are discreetly enclosed within the long side pleats, keeping to the modern clean look while giving you inconspicuous storage space for all your belongings.



Wide Sculpted Pants

We understand that the majority of men have a reluctance towards carrying bags. You rather not carry extra baggage when you can fit everything in your pockets, right? With our wide sculpted pants, you can leave that bag at home! 


The signature utility side pockets are shifted up to the hips and updated as open pockets with folded flaps for ease of use, inserting gussets on the deep pockets for more purposeful storage. You need not worry about your items falling out when seated, our pockets are substantial enough that it can even fit your water bottle in! In addition, we stacked another back pocket to perfectly fit your phone that allows you to sit comfortably while still having it in. Both the overlapping pockets are functional and create an interesting detail that is anything but ordinary.



Pockets are an alternative or supplement to bags, purses, and pouches in the carrying and securing of portable personal possessions. To Graye, pockets are a key element in our design process and we will continue to experiment with the possibilities. Curating purposeful pockets to serve its functionality while making it part of our design aesthetic, the perfect balance of form and function.

These pockets that we use every day, and yet, rarely we think about them. It's a detail that is often overlooked, but you can't deny its usefulness. So the next time you try to put your hands in your pocket remember that faux-pockets still exists.

Are pockets meaningful in your style? What do you put in yours? Leave us a comment down below



Written by: Iris Tay


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