Kinsu - G R A Y E


As the team explored deeper into environmental issues and finding ways to reduce wastage. We noticed the countless amount of single-use plastic bags that get used on a day to day basis. In fact, statistics show that it’s about 1 trillion single-use plastic bags used annually across the globe, which amounts to nearly 2 million every minute!
With that in mind, We started on our exploration of alternatives to single-use plastic bags in our takeaway packagings, in hopes to promote a more plastic-free lifestyle.

Our first step in implementing sustainability into your daily activities starts with cupholders. We explored ideas on how to make the cupholder more adjustable for different cup sizes, experimenting on both velcro and an adjustable strap to fasten your cup in place - almost like adding a little safety belt onto your precious beverages. 
Additionally, we thought of ways to improve the regular cup holder - by providing a strap of safety that hugs the bottom of your drink, in which the height can be easily fixed, and doubles as an adjustable strap to carry. Its flexibility allows the strap to be completely removed, and can be used solely as a cup collar!

After much consideration, we decided on a fixed size that is suitable for most takeaway beverages, whether it’s bubble tea or coffee cups, we hope to secure your favourite drinks with our Kinsu cup holder! 


With added loopholes on the sides, you can include your paracord strap along with it! Connect your Roki paracords conveniently on the loops and alter the strap to your desired length. 

Fully up-cycled from our muslin offcuts and existing trimmings, Kinsu is ideal for customers that want to enjoy the hands-free experience yet still enforce sustainable practices in their daily lifestyle. 






*Each Kinsu will be made unique, therefore the color of the thread and the strap buckle will vary. A fun little surprise to expect when your order arrives!


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