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Minimalism, with Style

For Graye, the idea of minimalism is a key aspect in our designs. In this post, we follow our Graye co-founders / husband and wife duo, Calvin and Qian through a mini room tour, as they share more on minimalism and how to achieve a versatile and sustainable wardrobe through co-sharing of clothing with your partner.

Minimalism refers to living with less, and keeping what you own to a minimum. A minimalistic lifestyle may be depicted, through the removal of clutter that doesn’t add value in life, and focusing on the experiences in life rather than physical possessions.

It places emphasis on the simplicity in life – modest yet sufficient.

 That being said, adopting a minimalistic lifestyle does not mean that one should start throwing away all their clothing and necessities blindly.



Choose Well

The process of crafting a sustainable closet starts with the idea of choosing well. Buying clothing with intention is the key. Knowing why you are buying a piece of clothing and how you plan to wear it allows you to make smarter shopping decisions. 


Instead of choosing designs that follow the current trends, look for quality timeless designs. A bonus of course, would be if the design is versatile, allowing the user to repurpose or wear them in different ways, enhancing the concept of truly practicing sustainability. Opt for neutral colors that you may envision to match with at least three different clothing that you already own to create more alternative styling ideas.





Co-Sharing Your Wardrobe 

Co-sharing wardrobe with your partner stems on the idea of increasing the mileage of clothing. Gender-neutral apparels allow couple to share a sizable wardrobe as it reduces the need of each partner owning separate pieces without losing style. For couples, this practice will also encourage engagement between partners.


While this collaborated movement of buying fewer garments and owning shared ones may be big, it encourages a more sustainable take in life, an important aspect, especially in the current global situation we are in now.



For Graye, we believe that minimalism does not equate to losing one’s style. Going for gender-neutrality in apparels through box cut, shift, A-line and straight silhouetted outfits open couples to a sizeable wardrobe that is co-owned in style, without the purchase of extravagant quantities of outfit. Partners may also wear and style the pieces differently to show off each individual’s style and character.


Minimalism in GRAYE 


Here at GRAYE, we value minimalism, as it molds our designs to promote better quality living. GRAYE’s designs are primarily gender-neutral and versatile, encouraging equality among all, and the opportunity to share the experience of GRAYE together, regardless of gender.




Stand Collar Pocket Shirt - Off White

Graye Stand Collar Pocket Shirt

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Graye Wrapped Button Kimono

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Wide Sculpted Denim Short

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Graye Detachable Suspender Trousers

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