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Paracords: The Family Edit.

The paracord collection was born with the idea of creatively turning cords into useful daily accessories. We thank you for the well responses and enquiries that we have been receiving. Here's a fun post on how to use these multi-functional cords as a family! Yes, even for the kids!

Our Roki and Rebi straps are great for the kids. Use them for their toys or water bottles. Worry no further about losing them when out and about. Don’t forget you could customize your own fun colours combinations too!  

Keep yourself hands free with the help of Rey and Roki. Rey allows you to wear your mask at ease, and avoid the hassle of finding a clean area to place them. It doubles as a glasses holder too. 

Roki is designed to be multi-purpose: use it as a lanyard, phone holder, bag strap and etc, its versatility leaves room for you to play around with its use. Have you also tried it as a belt? It is able to be worn in two different ways. One as a regular belt, one with an attachment for your keys or airpods. Additionally, you could use it for packing or organising stacks of items.

Share with us how you would stylise or carry out your tasks with the paracords, we would love to see and feature them here too!

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