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How to pull off a wide-leg smart casual pants.

Merging tailoring and streetwear has been a huge movement in men’s fashion over the past few years and Graye is here for it. Traditional tailoring garments are revamped with a looser fit and styled with casual basics. For example, the classic tailored trousers - It is updated with a wider hem and addition of front pleats on the waist create a looser fit overall. The updated trousers have a soft yet masculine quality, providing comfort while looking smart.


Find a pair that’s versatile, something you could wear day-to-day and also suitable for more dressier events like our Soft Tailored Pants. As a rule of thumb, darker or muted shades will better complement the wide-leg style. Colours like dark grey, navy and black or go for neutrals like camel and beige. Here are a few styling suggestions you can give a try.

1. Simple Tee and Accessories

Let’s start off with an easy one, a simple tee and accessorise! Mixing a basic staple is an easy way to feel comfortable and confident in new clothing styles. A classic white or black tee will look well or opt for a monochromatic fit from head to toe. For styling, pick your favourite basic tee that fits you well. Tuck it in or out and accessorise with caps or bags for a personal touch. A perfect casual and practical look for every day. Don’t be afraid to pair with a graphic tee too! 

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 2. Folded Hem and Sneakers

A quick simple trick to transform the trousers is by just rolling up the hem. Creating a much effortless style overall and an easy fix if your trousers are too long. Cuff it to above the ankle and now you have a pair of cropped wide leg trousers. Ironically the cropped style will break proportions of the body and elongate your legs. Nonetheless, we suggest pairing with sneakers whether chunky or high tops. Have fun with crew socks if you’re not into showing ankles. The juxtaposition of smart and casual is ideal to be worn for both work and socialising.

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3. Layer Up

Now you have the basic styling down, time to elevate the look. For a smarter but casual look, layer up with an oversized shirt like our Knot Button Shirt. Pick a contrasting colour for a pop or go minimalist and add on to the previous monochromatic look. Leaving the shirt unbuttoned and tucked out creates a carefree vibe while a tucked in style will give a smarter look. For those breezier days, opt for a jacket such as our Magnetic Closure Jacket or Wrapped Button Kimono instead. Mix and match different cultural elements like how we do at Graye!

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4. Short Sleeve Shirt

On warmer days, style the trousers with a short sleeve shirt. Layer over a simple tee or wear it on its own. Go for a Cuban style shirt for its versatility similarly to the trousers - ideal to be worn for casual and formal occasions just by a simple shoe change. If you’re feeling bolder, style with a contrasting colour or a printed shirt just like our All Over Print Top.

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5. Formal But Relaxed

Don’t fret if you have a dressier event to attend. The soft tailored trousers can easily be styled for a more formal look. Simply match it with a blazer over a dress shirt. However, if you prefer something more comfortable, try an oversized fit blazer! Style this combination with a tee or a collarless shirt like our Traveller’s Overshirt for an everyday look to work or socialising. Looking polished but not sacrificing comfort.

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Finally, here’s an important tip. Buy oversized not a bigger size! There’s a huge difference. Find garments that are designed to be an oversized cut as it will fit and flatter the body. A bigger size will create unflattering bulge from excess fabric and discomfort due to a bad fit.

P.S.Pull off these styles with Graye's Soft Tailored Pants at your own comfort or visit our studio for a complimentary styling session with us. No obligation for purchase. More information here.





Article by: Hamkah Latib
Photography by: Hamkah Latib
Models: Jaycelyn  & Darren

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