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We were pleased to have Orsqr visit the studio a few weeks ago. A creative individual, Orsqr has shown his ability in portraying unique menswear and unisex styles. As Graye evolves to include design narratives in our designs, we are inspired by creatives like Orsqr who share a similar vision - to create a local clothing culture unique to Singapore. We recommended pieces (SS'17 & FW'17) that goes along with his style and had him style them in his own unique way. Currently, Orsqr is working on his own contemporary footwear label, ORSQ

 Orsqr's pick and how his styling gave the pieces a modern touch.

Casual get up with white tee and jogger, layered with Noir Linen Jacket. White Sneakers from ORSQ.

A semi-formal look with Graye's Drafting Shirt underneath the Noir Linen Jacket. Here, Orsqr intentionally paired them with Graye's Striped Culottes for a modern silhouette.

We love the colour combination here. Graye's Wide Sleeve Dyn Top features a unique zipper collar detailing, it goes with any straight or flared cut bottom, be it shorts or trousers.



GRAYE styling files is a new series created to showcase different ways you can wear our pieces to achieve distinct looks. At GRAYE, our designs are versatile and some pieces are unisex as well. Styled by our favourite style muses in collaboration with our in-house team, we are unveiling the first of many style files to come.






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