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Tajima with Graye

No matter what craft that you’re honing, balance and proportion are key elements towards a successful and effective output. 

Tajima Hideaki, a hairstylist from KIZUKI+LIM Singapore who is renowned for his works with the notable international brand, Chanel and local artist, Charlie Lim, believes that the key to creating an outstanding haircut is the balance and proportion between the customer’s face and hair. Similar to how a shirt compliments one’s build.

As an enthusiast of comfort, Tajima champions the “easy” and “relaxed” style in his wardrobe which enables him to move freely during work. With this, he feels more inspired to materialise his art of crafting “natural looking” hairstyles. Every detail adds flair to a simple haircut which is similar to design wherein applying different elements such as texture can greatly affect the overall output.
As a person who crafts beauty with his bare hands, Tajima prefers shopping physically in retail stores so he could feel and experience the material through his fingertips and find the perfect apparel that is comfortable and suitable for him. For Tajima, Linen is a top contender when it comes to choosing the material of his apparels. Breathable, absorbent, and comfortable. Linen is definitely one of the best fabrics to wear in sunny Singapore.
Find your perfect Linen piece at Graye’s studio at 29A East Coast Road or browse our website in the comfort of your home.
Check out Tajima and his works on his Instagram page here.

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