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Packaging has always been a problem for the fashion industry with its detrimental impact on our environment. The matter of eliminating packaging waste completely seems impossible, rather our goal at Graye is to reduce unnecessary wastage and eliminate the usage of single-use plastics. Objectively, disposable packaging is useful for ensuring hygiene and packing efficiency but it creates waste that ends up in landfills. Ironically, it would take more than a lifetime to breakdown plastic and other non-biodegradable packaging materials when it takes us a mere few minutes to wrap it up. Considering the factors of hygiene, efficiency and aesthetic, Graye’s pieces have been packaged with a reusable ziplock bag for the past few seasons...



After spring cleaning the design studio during the circuit breaker, the team came together to discuss the need to rethink the way we packaged our clothing and what we can do with defected or damaged plastic packaging that would be such a waste to throw away. We have decided to repurpose most of these defected/damaged packaging with either printing or marking flaws into smaller reusable pouches to hold our Mask and smaller designs.


As we continue to wear masks daily, why not use these pouches to store them during your lunch or dinner breaks?


Do you have more ideas for new upcycling projects? We challenge you to transform any packaging into useful products and share it with us. Tag @grayestudio on social media~ 

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