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Utility meets Minimalism

'The updated utility trend embraces minimalism'


Minimal pleating, patch pockets and muted colours are key elements that continue to make an appearance in today’s utility wear. Being fond of its practicality, GRAYE continues to experiment with functional fashion interpreting it in our minimal style – designing for the modern generation while keeping true to its purposeful components.


Workwear has an enduring history from its industrial roots, a symbol of durability and utility. Incorporating sturdy fabrics, loads of pockets and anachronistic details (e.g. fob watch pocket and tool holders) to accommodate to the manual labor professions.

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“Utility wear is evolving into the new normal”

The ruggedness and rebellious vibe surrounding utility wear was soon embraced by other subcultures like punk, grease, hip-hop and even high-fashion – elevating its status and function. The revival of the new utilitarian aesthetic provides an equally rugged and refined look while staying true to its functional aspects. Inspired from the many interpretation of functional fashion, here are some ways you can style our utility-inspired pieces.


Street Smart

For the days where you have to be out for the whole day, you don’t have to compromise on comfort while looking presentable. This printed top is a lightweight piece that holds its structure, keeping it breathable for our humid weather.


Cargo pants are all the rage for a good reason, a functional piece that proves to be convenient and stylish – slowly making its way into everyone’s wardrobe essential. Pair our ‘cargo pants’ with the button-up top for a smart-casual look. Top it off with our vest for that true utilitarian look, a purposeful accessory that is able to hold all your valuables. And with a white pair of sneakers you’re ready to head out the door.

1. All Over Print Top
2. Vest Tote Natural  
3. Lightweight Ripstop Pants


Shoes: https://www.endclothing.com/sg/converse-chuck-taylor-1970s-gore-tex-hi-165924c.html


Everyday Casual

Nothing screams casual wear like a white plain tee. The Henley tee is designed as a basic top with subtle design details that stand out from your average white t-shirt – your basics doesn’t have to be boring. The perfect gift to give during this holiday season. Match it with our wide sculpted pants for a nice ‘pop’ of colour and our black transformative tote bag to ground the outfit. And if you’re not a person who likes to carry around a bag, wear it as a vest to give another dimension to your casual look. Top it off with sandals or sneakers of your choice for an everyday outfit.  


1.Henley Tee White
2.Wide Sculpted Pants
3.Vest Tote Black 
Watch: https://www.zalora.sg/casio-casio-a168wa-1wdf-silver-847202.html
Shoes: https://bit.ly/2Y4x8fj

Business Causal

If you prefer wearing shorts but still want to look put together, give the ‘button-up shirt and shorts’ combo a try. The black stand collar pocket shirt adds to the complexity to the outfit without much effort, tucked into our side pleat Gurkha shorts for a subtle utilitarian outlook. The muted colour of the shorts allow the shirt to make a statement without being excessive, along with the unique waistband of the shorts to subtly add to the smart casual vibe. Pair it with low-cut black sneakers and your everyday accessories to tie this alternative smart casual outfit together.  

1. Stand Collar Pocket Shirt Black
2. Side Pleat Gurkha Shorts 
3.Vest Tote Black 
Watch: https://www.danielwellington.com/sg/dw-watch-men-classic-sheffield-silver-40mm/
Shoes: https://bit.ly/3e7tUgO




Street Luxe

If you need to wear something formal but feel like regular suits aren’t your style, you can try this layered look for a unique outfit idea. Start with a white t-shirt tucked into our lightweight ripstop pants as a neutral base for the outfit. Alternatively, you can also pair the white tee with a pair of beige formal trousers if a smarter attire is required. Pair our magnetic closure jacket on top to give the outfit a more structure silhouette, additionally you can wear the vest on top of the jacket for a multi-dimensional look. Top it off with a pair of chunky sneakers or dr. martens boots to balance out the heaviness of the top. Inspired by high fashion street style, this look is perfect for days where you need to look your best.  

1.Henley Tee White
2.Lightweight Ripstop Pants
3.Magnetic Closure jacket
4.Vest Tote Natural
Shoes: https://bit.ly/2N1BbTs

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