Introducing The Bungkus

A simpler and more eco-friendly way of packing that is inspired by food wrapping styles in Singapore.

Its form and functionality are derived from Singapore’s takeaway culture, taking inspiration from newspaper wrapping of goods at wet markets, to food wrapped in upeh leaves and brown paper at hawker centres. Our 'Bungkus' is designed with the efforts of keeping its carbon footprint low by using minimal printing and materials that not only presents simplicity, but in turn serves its purpose of being reusable and versatile.

Made of Kraft-tex material, a vegan friendly textile that is durable, tear-resistant and washable. Just like vintage clothing, its washed hand feel and wrinkled texture ages well with use, giving it a leather-like consistency. Gone are the days of packing waste, because with Kraft-tex, you no longer have to throw your packaging away.



The wrapper is designed with 8 snap buttons, positioned to allow the utmost versatility. Paired together with a paracord string, you can use 'Bungkus' to accommodate different sizes of items or even use it as trinket tray or tissue holder. Comes in 3 different sizes and multiple colours. 

Ways to use the Bungkus: 


Of course, there are more ways you could use the Bungkus! Roll it, fold it or crush it. Bungkus comes in handy for your packing needs. Not to mention playful and eco-friendly too! Explore the possibilities for yourself. Share with us how you would use and reuse them. Spread the good one Bungkus at a time.