Experience GRAYE’s flagship store, where you’ll be able to shop at our interactive retail space, and engage firsthand with the team at our studio area. Located at Wheelock Place, Singapore, the interior was uniquely designed with an open concept where the retail shop meets studio space. 

GRAYE emphasises on the importance of a product’s journey, as we believe that the design development is just as important as its end result. Providing a space for you to view our behind-the-scenes work and thought process became an equivalent priority when designing this store. Not to mention, adopting a space that serves more versatility was equally important.



From using adjustable cable systems for our clothing racks, to fitting rooms made out of paper, a great number of our displays can be easily moved to change its look and functionality.  This was a crucial element for us to bring about new layouts, and create a new experience each time you step foot into our store!


As polished as we try to be, a designer’s workspace can often times be just as messy! It can involve drafting out new designs, sewing samples and host discussions on further developments. While we strive to present GRAYE in a professional manner, we believe it’s crucial to display the raw and unedited scenes that happen within a brand like ours.

Our focus for this store revolved around the idea of engagement. Our team wanted to create a self-explanatory feel, and at the same time, a space for connection, from us to you. One of the ways we have included this into our store is the creation of our 3 R’s: RECREATE, REFLECT, REVIVE.
RECREATE your vision by customising your newly purchased GRAYE product, or even revamping an old GRAYE product. This corner specialises in customisation that tailors to your desired outcome, with the intention of prolonging your product’s life.


REFLECT by making conscious decisions. Have a say in what you wish to see in our store, and in our brand as a whole. This corner was designed to reach out and encourage engagement from the public, giving you a voice.



REVIVE-ing old, defect and sample pieces our team has collected over the years, and making it new. This corner was created to repurpose old garments into one-of-a-kind pieces, giving it a new life and extending its lifecycle.



With this store, our intentions are to welcome more collaborations with brands that share the same values, encourage engagement from our audience, and grow our community.
Come stop by, explore our collection in person, and meet the team behind GRAYE!


Sun - Thu | 11am - 8pm
Fri - Sat | 11am - 9pm
Wheelock Place, #02-13

Exit Orchard MRT, weave through ION Mall and crossover to Wheelock Place, head up the escalator to the second floor