A loyalty programme designed to reward our valued customers.
Simply register and shop to earn points for discounts!


1) How to sign up?
  • Create an account here.
 2) How to earn GRAYE Points (GP)?
  • Earn 100 GP just by creating an account on our online store.
  • For all purchases through our online store or at our flagship store, you can earn 3 GP for every S$1 spend.
3) How to redeem GRAYE Points (GP)?
  • Accumulated GP is updated at point of purchase and will be available for redemption on your next purchase.
  • Every 100 GP allows you to redeem S$2.
  • No minimum spending is required to redeem GP.
  • However, you can only redeem your GP in multiples of 100 GP (100, 300, 600 etc). 






 How to log in?

  How to check points?

 How to redeem points?


1) Depending on how much points you have, you can adjust the slider to decide how much points you want to redeem for the current purchase.

2) Once you pressed the Apply Code button, the code will be automatically applied during checkout.