Rey Mask/Glasses Strap

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Time to spruce things up! Let Rey gently hang onto your mask or glasses as both a fashion accessory and a functional strap. Designed with a high-grade metal hook (3.5g) on each end, lightweight and durable; Rey allows you to wear your mask at ease, and avoid the hassle of finding a clean area to place your mask. With an adjustable stopper, it allows you to conform its size and accommodates the length that best suits you. Rey is the perfect styling option for daily accessorization - its fun colours and vibrant nature will easily elevate your look and bring it to life. Provided with the cord will be a pair of silicone loop ends for your spectacles or glasses.



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From our swatches of Paracords, Stoppers and Hooks, you can customise your own design by mixing and choosing a colour combination that’s uniquely yours.

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Parachute cords made from rPET (Recycled Polyethylene terephthalate) and PP(Polypropylene)

Total Length 74cm (excluding hooks)