Sani Holder

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Color Jet Black

Sani acts as both a fashion accessory and a functional sanitiser holder. Designed with a high-grade metal hook (3.5g), it clips easily onto your bag, backpack, or even your belt loop; ensuring you always have a bottle of hand sanitiser on hand when you need to wash your hands on the go! Simply slide the stopper close to the collar of the bottle, if your sanitiser doesn't comes with a collar, simply sandwich the loop between the cap and bottle to secure it. Designed with decorative snake knots that function as a fashionable keychain as well. When not in use, simply wrap it around your wrist to use as a bracelet!  


Create Your Own Paracord

From our swatches of Paracords, Stoppers and Hooks, you can customise your own design by mixing and choosing a colour combination that’s uniquely yours.

This service is only available at our Wheelock Store.

Parachute cords made from rPET (Recycled Polyethylene terephthalate) and PP(Polypropylene)

Total Length 18cm (excluding hooks)
Loop Circumference 15cm