Multi-Purpose Rope Strap

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Handcrafted in-house, our 8.0mm Rope Strap is designed for everyday multi-purpose use. Keeping it minimal and sleek, the strap is designed with a fixed length, use it as you wish: lanyard, phone strap, bag strap, etc. The duo ring hook allow flexibility, it can be easily hook on other attachments and give you the option of wearing it crossbody or around your neck. Well balanced between comfort and style, the 8.0mm is an all-round strap option perfect for daily usage and styling.

Every Strap comes with an GRAYE phone case insert that is designed to be fitted at the back of your phone case and has a hole to allow the attachment of the metal hook. It is specifically designed to fit most of the phone cases.

Available in Blackout, Fluorange & Steel.


From our swatches of Rope, Stoppers and Hooks, you can customise your own design by mixing and choosing a colour combination that’s uniquely yours.

This service is only available at GRAYE - The Lab Store @ Wheelock Place.

Rope : Nylon

110cm without hooks
61cm long when clasp together