REVIVE-ing old, defect and sample pieces our team has collected over the years, and making it new. This corner was created to repurpose old garments into one-of-a-kind pieces, giving it a new life and extending its lifecycle.



Taking our brand values of sustainability to core, our introduction of the REVIVE corner is one of the ways GRAYE is putting more effort into reducing waste. Our team wanted a space where we are able to rebrand the old into something new, and continue this current trend of second-hand thrifting into a lifestyle.

However, as simple as we make it sound, our corner does involve a lot of work and energy, that we believe will eventually pay off!

We take the time to individually assess each garment, from design planning to execution, making sure that we use each item to its fullest. Whether it's combining two different garments, playing with its trims or even sometimes adding on more details, we focus on creating finished products that serve a functional purpose, and at the same time look aesthetic and unique. With careful consideration, ensuring each garment's properties are highlighted, we craft renewed pieces that then goes on sale at our REVIVE corner.

By doing this, we hope that we are able to bridge the end of a garment's cycle, creating a new functional piece to then be housed by another customer.




Thank you for being a part of this journey with us, and supporting our initiative in making a positive change in the way we consume!