Rebi Bottle Holder

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Color Coal Black

Enjoy the hands-free experience and let Rebi do the work! All beautifully handmade in our studio, Rebi is perfectly designed to carry your bottle around and stay hydrated. Though that isn’t the only thing it's good for. It can be used for any object that has a collar for the strap to secure it in place. Simply slide the stopper close to the collar and ensure that it is in a stable position. Feel free to fix the length of the cord with the sliding knot at the front: slide the knot and adjust the strap to your desired length, and easily tie the excess off. Our Rebi is uniquely constructed using only a single cord that wraps around to create a unique double cord look. Its beautiful construction effortlessly jazzes up your outfit too.


Create Your Own Paracord

From our swatches of Paracords, Stoppers and Hooks, you can customise your own design by mixing and choosing a colour combination that’s uniquely yours.

This service is only available at our Wheelock Store.

Parachute cord made from rPET (recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) and PP(Polypropylene)

140cm at longest length