Roki Multi-Purpose Cord

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Handcrafted in-house, Roki is cleverly designed for your everyday multi-purpose use. Use it as you wish: lanyard, bag strap, belt, etc. Go wild and use your creativity! Its versatility leaves room for you to play around with its use. The stopper on Roki allows you to slide the cord with ease, adjusting it to your desired length while the dual hook system opens up more areas for experimentation! Whether it’s using one hook by attaching one to the other or using both hooks onto the object, its multi-functional purpose gives you the option of wearing it crossbody, around your neck, or even around your waist. Explore the different styles Roki has to offer, it surely will not disappoint! 

Every Roki comes with an additional transparent PVC insert that is designed to be fitted at the back of your phone case and has a hole to allow the attachment of the metal hook. It is specifically designed to fit most of the phone cases.


Create Your Own Paracord

From our swatches of Paracords, Stoppers and Hooks, you can customise your own design by mixing and choosing a colour combination that’s uniquely yours.

This service is only available at our Wheelock Store.

Parachute cord

80cm at shortest length
150cm at longest length