Embrace the future of fashion where digital innovation meets time-honoured craftsmanship to pioneer a more sustainable purchasing and production method. Introducing a new line of made-to-order wearables that fuses creativity and responsibility, produced in limited quantities.


Our planet's finite resources urge us to curate a responsible approach to production, aligning what we create with our customer's demand. This fuels our unwavering commitment to pioneer innovative digital solutions that not only transform our practices but also nurture a more sustainable consumption of fashion.

Over the past years, we have utilised the power of 3D and digital tools in designing and sampling our products, resulting in a significant reduction of material waste and our carbon footprint. This has improved the efficiency of our design process, enabling us to explore the potential of digital innovations and evolve our approach to creating, presenting, and marketing our products.

Our fully-realized digital assets empower us to preview designs prior to production, enabling a pre-order model that ensures we meet demand without overproducing. This strategic shift aligns with our goal of responsible resource management and sustainable practices. 



This digital space is not only a response to the changing fashion industry, but also a playground for our designers to expand their creativity and execute better purposeful products. To keep GRAYE in line with our identity and vision, we deeply cherish this space as a sanctuary for innovation and authenticity and we hope you do too.

We will continue to design genderless wearables that are functional and draws inspiration from various sources. Our designs might reflect solutions to problems, offer a glimpse into experimental concepts, or even spark from exciting collaborations with individuals or unconventional inspirations! Get ready to explore more interesting and unconventional designs from ENVISION_D.



There are 3 pricing stages:

Stage 1: PRE-PRODUCTION (Weeks 1 - 2 of online launch)
The wearable will be available online to pre-order at 60% of the retail price

Stage 2: IN PRODUCTION (Week 3 onwards)
The wearable will be available online to pre-order at 80% of the retail price

Once the wearables are made and pre-orders are fulfilled, a limited quantity will be available online and in stores, retailing at full price.

Pre-ordering helps us reduce costs and excess waste. There will be limited sizes and quantities available post-production, so don’t miss your chance to get your fav!


Our vision for the FUTURE OF DESIGN

Digitalisation opens up new possibilities for creating and selling garments that do not exist yet. We have the ability to redesign any piece and share it with everyone instantaneously.

Imagine a future where you are able to simply download the digital patterns and customise them to your preference. This will revolutionise how people access fashion and express themselves.

Creating ENVISION_D is our commitment and passion in discovering new ways of making clothing. Our goal is to make fashion more enjoyable, sustainable, and inclusive for everyone.

We are grateful for your support and feedback as we test our ideas and explore new horizons. Change is challenging but rewarding, let’s make it happen for ourselves and for the planet!