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Living in a generation of oversaturated e-commerce blogshops and fast fashion brands, Graye has always strived to be an exception. We do our best to sell more than just clothing that is worn and then forgotten. Our approach to menswear and more recently gender neutral apparel has always remained the same- Celebrating simplicity and innovative garment construction with a focus on comfort and hyper-functionality.

Graye is convicted of the environmental harm caused by overproduction and seek to do our part in minimising wastage in our production process. Most of our fabric waste and discarded clothing end up in landfills or are cast off to countries like China and India where women are employed in a tedious process to shred these discarded clothing back down to yarn- 




Inspired by the existing materials around us, Graye's latest range, Artefact was born out of the necessity to change the way we design. The approach to Artefact is centred around 4 fundamental pillars:


Artefact reworks Graye's archived samples or other leftover textiles that are still usable. This allows for the preservation of resources that would otherwise gone to waste.. It also expands our creative challenge as designers to be more innovative with our consumption and production waste management.


As with all other designs by Graye, Artefact pieces need to be functional and serve a purpose. This elevated utilitarian approach is more crucial now more than ever when we revaluate our clothing priorities. 


Tried and tested, designs are made in-house with attention to form, function and quality. 


Due to the deconstruct-reconstruct method of creating these products, no one piece is the same. This adds to the charm of having your very own one of a kind design to enjoy for time to come. 



As part of our commitment to change our design processes, Graye has quickly adapted our supply chain to produce more responsibly. All products from the Artefact range are made in extremely limited quantities based on surplus or pre-existing textiles and garments that we find in our own studio. We wanted to put in more effort in addressing the issue of production waste, 'dead stock' and defected products. Rather than simply having a sample sale, what could be more meaningful than to use these resources and turn them into beautiful pieces?


Click here to view full Artefact Campaign.

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