LOUNGE 3.0 - G R A Y E


In this update, GRAYE introduces a new series of sweat-style essentials that adds onto the lounge range. This capsule consists of two pullovers and two...

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The Art of Zenning Out - G R A Y E

The Art of Zenning Out

Amid an overstimulated society, it can be easy to get immersed in various roles throughout our day-to-day lives, leading us to lose a sense of...

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Light or Dark? - G R A Y E

Light or Dark?

Can’t decide between two stark aesthetics? Take a part in both sides with our new DUO collection where there is harmony between the two. The...

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Mad About Bucket Hats - G R A Y E

Mad About Bucket Hats

As we continue with the idea of the considered workwear series, we dive into the functionality of the artefact line to meet the needs of...

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Keeping tab on the tabi - G R A Y E

Keeping tab on the tabi

Creativity, functionality and form has been the backbone of designing for our Artefact line. For the new accessory line up we take an added approach...

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Considered Workwear - G R A Y E

Considered Workwear

Exploring how clothes respond to our changing lifestyle with being at home and working, this collection is all about maximum practicality and versatility. Making multifunctional...

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Paracords: The Family Edit. - G R A Y E

Paracords: The Family Edit.

The paracord collection was born with the idea of creatively turning cords into useful daily accessories. We thank you for the well responses and enquiries...

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Kinsu - G R A Y E


As the team explored deeper into environmental issues and finding ways to reduce wastage. We noticed the countless amount of single-use plastic bags that get...

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Reinventing the Use of Paracords - G R A Y E

Reinventing the Use of Paracords

To extend our artefact range, we discussed ideas of designing products that would aid the everyday life of our customers, and effortlessly mould into their...

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Styling guide : How to Dress Your Essentials For The Summer (ft. female styling) - G R A Y E

Styling guide : How to Dress Your Essentials For The Summer (ft. female styling)

Having to streamline your wardrobe to the essentials and more versatile pieces is a great way to reduce your wardrobe size and make the most...

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Elevated Basics in Pima Cotton - G R A Y E

Elevated Basics in Pima Cotton

2020 was a year full of uncertainties. We saw an uprising need for quality essentials in our daily lives. Without a doubt, GRAYE's focus on...

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“What Will Be, Will Be” - G R A Y E

“What Will Be, Will Be”

“What Will Be, Will Be” Taken from the song “Que Sera, Sera” by Doris Day. The latest capsule collection of GRAYE is hugely inspired from...

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HIVE LIFE 2017 - G R A Y E


The hope for an ever-evolving menswear was the starting point for GRAYE studio to launch in 2016. A simple and easy-to-remember brand that defines creativity...

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Boutique Fairs 2019 - G R A Y E

Boutique Fairs 2019

On Choosing Menswear : I used to design womenswear in school. Design students have a typical way of designing womenswear: we take inspiration from abstract...

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Straits Times Life 2019 - G R A Y E

Straits Times Life 2019

  Menswear designer Xie Qian Qian describes her design ethos as bringing a modern touch to more traditional garments, to make them suitable for everyday...

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