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“What Will Be, Will Be”

“What Will Be, Will Be”

Taken from the song “Que Sera, Sera” by Doris Day. The latest capsule collection of GRAYE is hugely inspired from the pop song from 1956 and it entails that the future is uncertain. No one knows as to what’s coming next.

In this latest drop, essential items are designed with extreme versatility and functionality in mind. In line with our philosophy of slow fashion, we believed that making clothes that can be worn in various ways and for multiple occasions, extends the lifespan of the products. We strive to continue working towards the end goal of minimizing our impact on the earth. This is the least we can do for the unforeseen future lying ahead of us.  

(left to right: Pocket Tonal Pullover / Modular Placket Shirt / Burnt Orange Cupro Tee and Relaxed Elasticated Trousers)

Also, the team at GRAYE decided to release seasonless capsule collections instead of full-range of seasonal collections and the mere reason behind it is to basically lessen the “unnecessary” and to focus on what we truly need. 



We observed and noted the details that truly matter in garments and we elevated it for maximum functionality. The Relaxed Elasticated Trousers are inspired by the pocket-full look of cargo trousers wherein the excess parts were removed and the significant details were heightened. Most importantly, a utilitarian feel is made more casual. A casualwear that suits everyday comfort and possibly for various occasions.

On the other hand, innovative pocket details and thoughtful positioning are translated in the Pocket Tonal Pullover. Making a pullover an interesting piece that you can snug in it with comfort and style.

(The Elasticated Trousers comes in 2 different colors: Beige / Pebble Gray)


As part of Graye’s mission to sustainability, Regenerated fibres such as Cupro was also used in the creation of our  latest Cupro Tees. Making the fabric not only sustainable but also extremely comfortable for everyday use. 

(The cupro tees come in 4 different colors: Burnt Orange / Charcoal Gray / Off White / Sage Green)

The Modular Placket Shirt is the perfect shirt for versatility, it is designed with a detachable and modifiable front placket that allows creative freedom in styling.  

GRAYE is trying its best to create a sustainable and stylish future with our capsule drops. Releasing drops instead of full-range collections, incorporating sustainable fibres, reducing the unnecessary, increasing product versatility and enhancing comfortability and functionality. 

The “What Will Be, Will Be” Capsule Collection 2020 is now available for purchase. For detailed product descriptions, you may check these pieces out on our product page or walk in our retail store. Feel free to ask us through Instagram DMs and/or email at sales@grayestudio.com and we’ll be happy to help you with your inquiry.

“What lies ahead?”

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