Paracords: The Family Edit.

The paracord collection was born with the idea of creatively turning cords into useful daily accessories. We thank you for the well responses and enquiries that we have been receiving. Here's a fun post on how to use these multi-functional cords as a family! Yes, even for the kids!

Our Roki and Rebi straps are great for the kids. Use them for their toys or water bottles. Worry no further about losing them when out and about. Don’t forget you could customize your own fun colours combinations too!  

Keep yourself hands free with the help of Rey and Roki. Rey allows you to wear your mask at ease, and avoid the hassle of finding a clean area to place them. It doubles as a glasses holder too. 

Roki is designed to be multi-purpose: use it as a lanyard, phone holder, bag strap and etc, its versatility leaves room for you to play around with its use. Have you also tried it as a belt? It is able to be worn in two different ways. One as a regular belt, one with an attachment for your keys or airpods. Additionally, you could use it for packing or organising stacks of items.

Share with us how you would stylise or carry out your tasks with the paracords, we would love to see and feature them here too!

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As the team explored deeper into environmental issues and finding ways to reduce wastage. We noticed the countless amount of single-use plastic bags that get used on a day to day basis. In fact, statistics show that it’s about 1 trillion single-use plastic bags used annually across the globe, which amounts to nearly 2 million every minute!
With that in mind, We started on our exploration of alternatives to single-use plastic bags in our takeaway packagings, in hopes to promote a more plastic-free lifestyle.

Our first step in implementing sustainability into your daily activities starts with cupholders. We explored ideas on how to make the cupholder more adjustable for different cup sizes, experimenting on both velcro and an adjustable strap to fasten your cup in place - almost like adding a little safety belt onto your precious beverages. 
Additionally, we thought of ways to improve the regular cup holder - by providing a strap of safety that hugs the bottom of your drink, in which the height can be easily fixed, and doubles as an adjustable strap to carry. Its flexibility allows the strap to be completely removed, and can be used solely as a cup collar!

After much consideration, we decided on a fixed size that is suitable for most takeaway beverages, whether it’s bubble tea or coffee cups, we hope to secure your favourite drinks with our Kinsu cup holder! 


With added loopholes on the sides, you can include your paracord strap along with it! Connect your Roki paracords conveniently on the loops and alter the strap to your desired length. 

Fully up-cycled from our muslin offcuts and existing trimmings, Kinsu is ideal for customers that want to enjoy the hands-free experience yet still enforce sustainable practices in their daily lifestyle. 






*Each Kinsu will be made unique, therefore the color of the thread and the strap buckle will vary. A fun little surprise to expect when your order arrives!


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Reinventing the Use of Paracords

To extend our artefact range, we discussed ideas of designing products that would aid the everyday life of our customers, and effortlessly mould into their lifestyles. It was important for us to include both our values as a brand to implement more sustainable practices and as well, construct products we feel would be valuable assets to everyone. This is where our paracord collection comes in view. Made out of recycled polyester, carefully considered designs, and specially hand-made in our studio, these accessories made from parachute cords are durable,  functional and versatile to use.

About Paracords

As a matter of fact, paracords aren’t exactly a new topic. It has been around since 1935, and was originally developed by the US military to be used for parachute suspension lines. Due to its breaking strength of 550 pounds and thin lightweight nature, it does not come as a surprise that it grew popularity over time. People have discovered that it could be used for all kinds of survival, outdoor, home and craft situations.

Our Process

And for us, we discovered that paracords are staple pieces that can be transformed and used in many different ways! With this, our team ensured that the length of each product was curated in consideration of different heights, body shapes and sizes. We accomplished this by testing out different lengths to achieve a fit that is adjustable to most, and included a stopper for you to easily alter the strap to your desired length. 

Not to mention, we took the design aspect to mind: exploring different patterns and knot tying techniques to add a utilitarian touch to the finalised products.

*We will also be providing a customisation service for you to select the colors yourself! We’ve got a wide range of colors to select from, all available only in our studio. (Coming soon!)


For this launch, we introduce to you 3 different products that each provide its individual functional purposes:

Rey Mask/Glasses Strap

Designed to connect onto your mask or your spectacles/sunglasses. Strap it on worry-free and let Rey uplift your outfit of the day!

Roki Multi-Purpose Cord

Easily pair this product with various different things: hook it onto your phone, our Kinsu cup holder, wallet, bag, the list is endless! Its multi-functionality allows room for experimentation.


Rebi Bottle Holder

Made for the purpose of carrying your bottles, however it can be easily adjusted to hold any object with a collar. As long as your object is secured in place, Rebi is a cord that allows for versatility and functionality, while throwing a little style to it!


Implementing Our Brand Values

Our paracord collection was designed to reduce plastic-waste, and was deliberately made with the aim to be reusable. Replace plastic bags with our Rebi bottle holder, constructed to hold any bottle with a collar. Or simply reuse our Roki multi-purpose cord, intentionally curated to be used with most objects, if not, everything! This collection was consciously designed to smoothly integrate into your lifestyle, and at the same time add a little jazz into your looks!


Model: Yumika Hoskin
Written by: Kezia Teng
Edited & Shot by: Hamkah Latib


You can find out more information about paracords in the links below:

  1. Paracord Planet, 2018. Paracord: What is it? [online] Available at:,aid%20in%20the%20war%20effort

  2. Paracord Galaxy. What is Paracord (Parachute Cord - 550 Cord). [online] Available at:

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Styling guide : How to Dress Your Essentials For The Summer (ft. female styling)

Having to streamline your wardrobe to the essentials and more versatile pieces is a great way to reduce your wardrobe size and make the most out of your clothes. With that, here are some inspirations on how to style your essentials and staples for the summer. In this styling series, we are glad to have Rachel, one-half of the @scrachmarcs dance duo!

1. Button-Up Shirt

One of the best things about button-ups is that they are one of the most versatile clothing pieces you can have. Get one or two sizes up for that loose, slouchy style by wearing it oversized.

Our Modular Placket Shirt is great for pairing with a convertible collar shirt to show a contrast of collar detailing. Play around with the placket to get a different look or remove it to act as outerwear. On warmer days, layer it over a camisole unbuttoned and pair it with your favourite shorts to create a casual and care-free finish.

On a side note, a peep of our upcoming bucket hat that you can switch up to a mini bag!

2. Jacket/Blazer

Jackets and blazers are a must-have for your wardrobe, repeat an outfit and give it a completely new look simply by topping it off with a jacket. Our Magnetic Closure Jacket is great for summer layering: short sleeve, boxy and fuss-free closure (magnetic), it’s just so convenient for everyday wear. Pair it with a voluminous midi or maxi skirt for a more feminine look!

3. Sleeveless Top

Another staple piece that you can’t do without is a sleeveless top. Our Sleeveless Tee is a great versatile item that you can own. It is designed with a wide armhole that makes it suitable to layer on with a casual tee or a convertible collar shirt. Accessorise it with a bucket hat or a mini bag with your favourite pair of sneakers. With that, you are ready to roam from day to night. 

On casual days, just wear them as it is. Pair them with lightweight pants or skirt for an effortless and comfortable look.


4. Loose Fitting Linen Top

With Singapore’s tropical climate,  breathability is a key consideration when making smart outfit choices. Lightweight and breathable fabrics such as linens are your top choices as they can help to wick sweat and keep you cool. 

Our Shoto Baseball Collar Top is made from 100% Linen and is pre-washed for extra softness. It’s comfortable and breezy to wear, with a boxy cut. It is an ideal choice for wearing as a top or layering it over your inner piece. Here we styled Rachel with a turtle neck long sleeve underneath it for a dressier look.


We hope that with this styling series, you can gain some ideas and inspirations for your outfits! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment down below or visit our studio for a complimentary styling session with us! More information here


Model: Rachel 
Written by: Fiona Ng
Styling: Fiona Ng
Photography: Xie QianQian / Hamkah Latib
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Elevated Basics in Supima Cotton

2020 was a year full of uncertainties. We saw an uprising need for quality essentials in our daily lives. Without a doubt, GRAYE's focus on comfort and functionality has never been more emphasised.

The team at GRAYE have been exploring on the possibilities in T-shirt design over the past few months. Rounds of testing were done on different fabric materials and weight, finally sampling them up with refined garment constructions. We are pleased to introduce three new pieces in our signature Supima cotton.

Designed with functionality, wearability and quality in mind. These tees embrace different body sizes and gender, ideal for running daily tasks or lounge in. 

Talking about versatility, these pieces allow you to wear them layered up, dressed up or down. The most casual piece in the lineup is the Sleeveless Tee, also our first ever muscle tee.  It is an airy and breathable piece that's suitable for hotter days, featuring a front patch pocket at a comfortable height and small side slits on the hem for an enhanced fit.

Line Pocket Tee is your everyday go-to t-shirt with added functionality. Featuring two hidden pockets, one an inseam pocket and the other a concealed zip pocket that will hold your daily items (even bulky ones) without affecting the t-shirt appearance much. (Thanks to the density and quality of our heavy weight supima cotton)

The V-Placket Tee is the dressier piece in this lineup. Suitable to be worn for semi-formal occasions by itself or layered under a shirt or jacket. It features two overlapping plackets with a soft curve that has the same open quality as a v-neckline.

These designs come in easy-to-match earthy colours - Midnight Blue, Olive Green and Morandi Grey. Feel free to visit our studio to experience the premium quality of these tees for yourself and elevate the staples in your wardrobe for the new year!

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