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Craftsmen at Work Series

Since we first started in 2018, Graye has always take pride in being a local brand and showcasing our Singapore identity. Being part of the creative industry, we have been blessed to have the opportunity to know many other craftsmen in various fields, all of whom, like us, are immensely passionate in their works and beliefs.

 In this Craftsmen at Work series, Graye is proud to introduce 4 local craftsmen from different industries, who will be sharing more on their craftsmanship and their truly Singaporean products.


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Craftsmen at Work // Stories of Wood

For Lyn, Head Designer and Founder of Studio MU / YU, she believes in the pursuit of one’s passion.


Studio MU / YU is an artisanal woodcraft brand, which focuses on slow-made jewellery, bags as well as lifestyle products. The name MU / YU, a Chinese romanisation of “the language of wood” exemplifies the brand’s identity, which emphasises on the beauty of every individual wood pieces and its differences. For Lyn, she seeks for Studio MU / YU to be an inspiration to others to think differently, embracing diversification


Check out Graye’s interview with Lyn, as she shares about the reason behind starting Studio MU / YU as well as the brand’s values.



Outerwear: Jacquard Denim Noragi

Bottom: Checked Linen Trouser - Black


Craftsmen at Work // Quality Sustainability in Woodwork


Crafting since 2006, Arthur from Arthur Zaaro places great emphasis on the quality of material used – from its source to table.


Arthur Zaaro crafts a range of woodwork: cutting boards, lighting and accessories, to bigger furniture such as dining tables and benches. With the initial intention of using wood from local trees so that he may trace them from start to finish, Arthur later learnt that these (Singapore grown trees) are one of the finest hard woods available in the world, making his products not only eco-friendly, but of the top-notch quality.


Watch Graye’s interview with Arthur, as he shares more about Arthur Zaaro and their woodworks.


Arthur Zaaro


Outerwear: Wrapped Button Kimono

Bottom: Wide Sculpted Pants


Craftsmen at Work // Making Magic


Founded by jeweller-turned-metal crafter Junie, Clink Clank Clunk aims to create unique hands-on experiences that allows people to get in touch with their inner maker.


Focusing primarily on metal crafting, Clink Clank Clunk was started to educate others on the joys of making your own crafts and the value of it. Covering workshops on teaspoon, catchall dish, and silver ring making, Clink Clank Clunk holds crafting workshops to create unique pieces, where not a piece will be identical to another.


Watch Graye’s interview with Junie, as she talks about how Clink Clank Clunk first started, and the charms of creating magic with metal.




Outerwear: Vest Tote - Black

Bottom: Wide Sculpted Pants


Craftsmen at Work // Invoking Surprise in Boldness


Rooted in bringing about the element of surprise and crafting compelling stories, Do Not Design was founded by Yanda in 2009, as a local design and branding agency.


For Do Not Design, they believe in the creation of a real connection with customers, and ensuring that all communication strategies are tailor-made for each client. For Yanda, Founder of Do Not Design, he believes in the importance of uniqueness, and ensuring that experiences are never boring for customers – setting Do Not Design apart from other agencies, with their boldness and eclecticism in idea generation.


Watch Graye’s interview with Yanda, as he shares more on Do Not Design’s take on conceptualization of branding and marketing.


Do Not Design


Top: Curved Placket Shirt

Bottom: Detachable Suspender Trousers

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