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The Art of Zenning Out

Amid an overstimulated society, it can be easy to get immersed in various roles throughout our day-to-day lives, leading us to lose a sense of self and question our purpose. Just like everyone else, as we rapidly transition into a period of opportunities and growth, there were times when we felt the need to reconnect with our inner peace, that’s why we created “Zen Out”.

“Zen Out” focuses on the importance of slowing down and taking a breather. This cool-toned capsule revisits GRAYE’s approach towards a modern Zen lifestyle, where we bring back a series of sleek silhouettes and unobtrusive designs while fusing Eastern and Western elements.

The GRAYE design team went back to their roots in fusing traditional garments with hints of modern-day elements. Drawing inspiration from garments that were worn during the Qing Dynasty, we are obsessed with the high-collar aesthetic and how we can take a step further to make it wearable for modern day.

Refresh your look with our High Collar Shān or experience movement at great comfort with a drapey pair of Harem Pants. With inspiration derived from garments during the Qing dynasty, the overall cut and details of both pieces are designed to give off a subtle oriental look. 

If you are not feeling the high collar look, fold down the collar and turn it into a shawl collar. Wear it as a button up shirt or an outerwear. If you’re feeling experimental, it can even be turned into a skirt!

Let your body breathe in our array of summer-friendly fabrics, thoughtfully curated to bring a sense of comfort throughout the warmer months. Expect a range of linen and cotton staples that are fit for any minimalist’s wardrobe. 

The Oversized Linen Grid Shirt offers a relaxed fit in pre-washed 100% Linen, accentuated with grid-like binding details and a kangaroo pocket. It’s soft and light but full of character. The weightlessness makes it an essential summer piece, convenient for one to throw it on for a day out. Yet, the unique grid-like binding details showcase the exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail of this shirt. Making it a statement piece to own. Complete the look with our Straight-Cut Pants.

And last but not least, the ‘can’t get any more oversized than this’ Tsuno Bag. The long and tedious sampling process turned hilarious as we accidentally made an EXTRA LARGE version that can fit a….


We wanted it to be really oversized that it almost feels like it's part of your outfit but still practical to wear. Drafted using zero waste-cutting techniques, the main body of this bag is formed from one piece of fabric, which is then folded and sewn together.

Come and explore our Summer 2023 Collection in person, they are now available both in-store and online! You might just happen to see our EXTRA LARGE Tsuno Bag sample in the store 😄


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