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Upcoming textiles you should know about

Over the years, textile companies have been investing in advanced technologies for sustainable and innovative materials. SS’17 saw a huge overlap between fabrics for apparel, home interior and sport. Here we share with our readers what are the key upcoming fabrics that you should look into.

What is Nylon Taffeta?

Taffeta is a general term for a fabric with a plain weave that is stiff and smooth. It has a shiny surface and a crisp hand feel.

Upcoming menswear fabric- Nylon taffeta is made out of synthetic nylon fibers. Due to the thick nature of taffeta and nylon's weather-resistant and tear-resistant properties, nylon taffeta is particularly strong and useful for outdoor applications. It is a very practical fabric that is usually seen on parkas, outdoor track pants and sports jackets. Conventionally, nylon taffeta is used for tents, jackets, purses, storage covers and backpacks. It can even be used as a temporary tarp during harsh weather conditions.

Recently, designers like Issey Miyake and Cottweiler have taken a liking to Nylon Taffeta, applying them with a modern touch for their ready-to-wear collections. When taken out of the traditional cutting, you can achieve beautiful light-weight and wrinkle resistant pieces for your daily wear.

 Issey Miyake SS'18

Issey Miyake SS'18

One of our favourite looks featuring a judo-jacket wrap shirt (above) and wide paper-bag pants (below), all in painstakingly perfected iterations of the house’s favourite synthetics and shrunken double-face cotton.

Issey Miyake SS'18

Cottweiler's Spring Summer 2018 collection was a harmonious blend of super-light technical pieces and utility. There were sporty protective layers, cargo trousers, backpacks and ponchos in shades of sand and sage. Slightly overwhelming to be worn all at once, but definitely a true example of modern sports luxe done right. 

It's a Linen Revival

“Linen is the best in the heat, because it breathes!”

Linen is a material made out of flax which is extremely absorbent. Good news for us- it is making a huge comeback, especially in tropical countries like Singapore.

It is not surprising that the linen trend actually stems from our growing obsession with everything organic. Increasingly people want to be healthy, eat clean and use sustainable products. It's only natural then, that this is reflected in fashion. Think Paul Costelloe’s collection celebrating the rejuvenation of linen via the use of print, texture and hardware detailing. 

Paul Costello SS'17

Paul Costello SS'17

Another menswear designer skilled in making linen look extremely desirable, is Matthew Miller. He used this fabric throughout his SS'17 collection. 

Matthew Miller SS'17 Runway 

Matthew Miller SS'17 - styled online https://shop.ne-sense.com/collections/matthew-miller

#News Graye will be launching a capsule collection featuring these two upcoming textiles and other innovative fabrics. We'll be back with more details very soon!


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