Campaign : Thereafter - G R A Y E

Campaign : Thereafter

Thereafter: continuing on from a particular point in time, especially after something else has stopped happening.

Graye's capsule collection aspires to commemorate the heritage and culture of our ancestors through the designs in style, silhouette, stitching, and layering. Emblems are reiterated throughout the collection as we recognise the importance of identity - knowing where you come from. 'Thereafter' aims to communicate the idea of simultaneous identities that transcends time. The designs have a hint of casual streetwear that is carefully curated with our brand's DNA of east meets wests, old meets new.

For the fashion editorial, we decided to incorporate movement in the garments as movement is a key aspect that lives on in time. The male model (a theatre performer) portrayed this with specific time freezing poses. Pieces from this capsule collection are exclusive and thus limited in quantity.










Photographer: Samuel Poh

Male Model/Theatre Actor: Bright Ong

Female Model: Rebekah Ong

Hair & Make Up: Airin Lee

Assistant: Gwen Seah 

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