As our world embraces the new norm of protective coverings, Graye wants to encourage 'make and mend' practices within our community. Our intention from the beginning was firstly to design innovative and functional protective masks for those who may not have access to surgical masks, and secondly, to reduce waste caused by the use of disposable masks. After receiving overwhelming response for our Curve and Trapeze masks, Graye is keen to share a digital pattern of our Curve mask to encourage you to make your own masks from home and in the process creatively upcycle your own garments.

Upcycling is a great way to spruce up old worn out or damaged materials into brand new pieces. Instead of throwing away your pre-loved clothing or unwanted fabrics at home, enjoy your time at home by creating something useful for yourself!




  1. Download and print Graye's Curve Mask Template onto an A4 sheet of paper 
    Adult Template.PDF  |   Kids Template. PDF
  1. Cut out the Curve Mask Template
  1. Choose a high density t-shirt or any knit fabric that will not fray easily 
  1. Place and pin the Mask Template on the fabric and cut out accordingly; remember to take note of the direction of your fabric stretch

At this stage, you should have 4 cut-out pieces in total:

    • 2 pieces of outer layer
    • 2 pieces of inner layer
  1. Align and stitch up the curve side of the identical pieces, take note of the fabric's WRONG side and RIGHT side. 
  1. Iron open the seams
  1. Add topstitching
  1. Align and stitch the outer layer and inner layer together
  1. Trace and cut out the ear-loop hole, adjust the hole according to your preferred size.

  2. Wash your newly made Curve Mask before using it.


Share your creations on social media by using the hashtag #GRAYEMASK . Comment down below for any question about making your own Curve Mask.


CURVE MASK - Restock

For those who prefer to purchase our Curve Mask instead of making your own, we’re pleased to share that we have restocked our Curve Mask in a limited quantity.



Every purchase of The Curve Mask comes with Graye's redesigned packaging that can double as a Mask Protective Sleeve.

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